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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  March 11, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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up next, eric bolling hosting a special "o'reilly factor," the trump agenda with special guest kellyanne conway and senator rand paul, treat me your ♪ ♪ >> tom: welcome to red eye. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy. >> thanks, tom. a new study shows that hillary clinton rent one of the worst political campaigns in years. in retrospect, the election results should of told that. plus a new app that keeps track of how many times women get interrupted by a man. and finally, jimmy buffett is opening up a retirement community called margaritaville. soon, you'll be able to have cheeseburger through a straw in paradise. >> tom: thank you, andy.
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let's welcome our guests. entertainment correspondent jill dobson. needs no introduction. i can't think of one. comedian kevin braddock. he has remarkably short hair for a person that lives alone in an ivory tower. john devore. and he used to have a dry wit. sitting next to me, the host of the anthony cumia show, anthony cumia. okay, let's start the show. the science is settled. hillary clinton is awful. a new study by the wesleyan media project proves mathematically that hillary clinton's 2016 presidential bid was one of the worst run campaigns ever. at least when it comes to advertising. while many sad ads had no effect this time around, the study's authors argue they mattered
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quite a bit. add to buys in and michigan showed that trump was advertising the months ahead of the election, while clinton only bought ads for the final week. plus they were devoid of policy discussions in the way not seen in the previous four presidential elections. only 25% of clinton ads compared to trumps 70%. instead, most were video of trump using language or hillary trying to prove she was an actual human being. the authors conclude that message matters, and a message repeated endlessly does no good unless it resonates with a sufficient number of the right voters. now, were you surprised at this, ethnic let's make >> no! i wasn't surprised of this last march. i was saying, look at her ads. nothing about what her policies are. trying to sound human or look human quick smack she couldn't
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even do -- "i believe america is a place where" -- it's the most horrible impersonation of a supposed person. and it failed miserably. we saw it. i think a lot of people knew she was going to lose before the election. >> tom: you were one of the only guys who came in consistently said it was going to happen. >> part of it was because i saw these ads, nothing but desperation trying to bash the other guy. at the last minute, trying to bring beyonce in and everyone else? these celebrities that everyone else that we don't care what we had to say anymore, we don't care what hollywood opinion is. and if you the turnout. like we said earlier, the election results pretty much proved at this point. i don't know why the study was needed. >> tom: is very interesting. john devore, what do you think it was? was it the ads or hillary herself? >> i had a good attitude coming in today.
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listen, this story is on a conservative web site. the reason you are talking about hillary and the reason breitbart pumps out hillary articles is because you cannot demand or talk about what the president has done this week. >> wait a minute! i want to talk about hillary! >> look. here is why trump won. it was a surprise because no one knew that republicans would vote for somebody they hated and that democrats wouldn't. that's why he won there that's it. case over. and the last to go, it's not like he won by a lot. he won by 75 electoral votes. 75 electoral votes! obama won by 20208. he didn't won that big either. what do you >> whoopty-doo is president donald trump. >> this is the worst seat i've
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ever been in. >> i'm looking at an extra guy in the great! [laughter] >> kevin, i'm here! i'm here. you can talk at me. >> looking at you, so fantastic. [laughter] >> tom: kevin, what do you think about these... trump nearly two took those ads out ahead of time -- >> hillary never visited wisconsin. i did more stopovers in wisconsin that hillary did. she is an idiot. and also, anthony was talking about having a concert from beyonce the night before. then everyone sleeps in and they don't vote! >> yet. >> great point. >> they wouldn't have voted for her anyway. >> oh, she ran her back and painted what did they say when she was doing it? it's like saying the atlanta falcons blew up in the fourth quarter. is that what the studies show? it's like, yeah, she choked and the falcons choked of the fourth quarter. >> tom: i was interested in the percentages, jill, of the
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ads that speaks to focus on policy and she didn't. that's the opposite of the narrative going on last year, right? >> that was opposite. you are used to everyone saying that he's just a blowhard and she's got all of these years of experience and all the policy. i think she felt that people knew where she stood on different issues, she really needed to do to won was to go after donald trump as a person. but it didn't work out. >> tom: the thing is the die was cast. you either like trump or you didn't. for the beyonce think about the celebrity's, she already had the support of people who like celebrities or like celebrity culture. they were all voting for hillary anyway. >> exactly. anybody that would've liked beyonce or anybody else in that ilk was voting for her anyway. ridiculous. >> the fact that people didn't even like trump voted for trump anyway, it was a vote against the entire system that was in place for years screwing over the regular working guy. for years and years and years. that was the monkey wrench thrown into the machine. >> they were deftly people that
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still love trump and the fact they voted for him as trump and other people that wanted to upset the apple cart. >> a great way to fight fire is to set your house on fire. >> indeed. >> tom: it was already on fire, then you, you know, try a different kind -- >> which is not a great metaphor. >> it wasn't. >> she wouldn't have been a great president -- >> she would've been a great president -- >> she would keep an eye on her cheating husband the entire tim time? >> we elected a guy who should be in prison for sexual assault. >> you brought up obama, who cares? she would've taken off her women's day and it wouldn't have happened. the whole day would've been lost. >> the entire timeline is missing a hockey pantsuit. >> i want to go, too. >> we will work it in there. >> tom: before we get to our next story, we are doing something different tonight. let's go to the resident artist live draws our show every night. you can see his work -- what is
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it? we will put it on our facebook page. i can do these twitter names. we've got the cam live tonight. how are you doing so far? >> i'm doing pretty good. >> tom: there we go. fantastic. >> i like how you prioritize. >> tom: keep going but we will be keeping tabs on the resident artist throughout the show. we will check in later. >> is this a gag? >> tom: it's not a gag. next story. you don't see your sketches? i >> i don't come to rehearsal o i don't know if that is a gag or not. [laughter] >> don't trip me up with those big feet of yours! >> tom: america will always be number one to me, but according to a report in in the philly "new york times" -- >> [groening] >> tom: switzerland is the best country.
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they took a top spot in a survey of 21,000 people seen here. while back. should have expanded that a little bit. based on his attitudes toward the kitchen, democracy, quality of life, and cheese. and how did the good old u.s. of a in this totally biased, fake news cervical! seventh place. they dock the points for business -- democracy, never heard of it. and educational quality. how dumb of them. nearly 75% of the people surveyed said they lost some respect for the u.s. after donald trump was elected president. while back. sounds to me we need a war to keep all those haters and losers out. john devore -- >> tom shillue. >> tom: why is it always these socialist countries that you and your friends love so much? >> i don't know. they have health care. when they get cancer, it's not a death sentence. it is now, it is here.
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>> looked, they are small countries. >> sure. >> their economies can support a socialist -- >> i think our economy can support for paying for some people. >> we are out of money, devore! look at that national debt clock -- >> we spent $760 billion on defense, more than the next 14 countries combined. >> that is a good point. maybe those nordic countries don't have to spend any on defense because we are doing it all depending to come over here and punch us in the face! >> no one, because we have a huge military. -- they don't, because we got a great military. that's what i think. also, these studies? please, with the studies. we are always down on the list, but they are all coming here for something. we are so horrible on all of these lists. oh, you know, the u.s. is ranked 19th -- oh, and what are the other 18 countries? they are all coming here anyway.
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i don't want to hear it. meanwhile, their flag looks like hamburger helper. what does that look like? it's like, health, health, it hurts! >> kevin brennan? have you been to switzerland? >> i've been to des moines. i've been to des moines international airport. it's beautiful. no one goes there. it's like social end. >> is a vehicle place because nobody goes. >> they all go skiing once in a while, but that's it. when everybody hears about the survey, they flood the place. and then they will be back down where they should be. in the bottom. >> hey. >> there were country. >> kevin brendan, despite devore's snickers, making a good point, joe. a lot of these countries, their population is stabilizing, and they are having trouble because they aren't replacing. that's why they are bringing in a lot of people from other countries. and then they are seeing that they are having problem with immigration but what do you think quick smack >> i
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>> i love our country. different countries don't have as much respect for us right now and they don't like some of the things our president is saying. hopefully, in the long run, he will see to make the a great president and we will get that number one ranking from these 21,000 movers and shakers. they -- asked a bunch of well-to-do people who have good taste. i don't know if it's the best group in the world. >> they told them, john devore, uncertain comforts, that's what they do well. but we do better on freedom, don't we, john devore? >> it depends. if you are rich, yet -- >> what a generic thing to say. both of you, get in line. >> also on the survey, it shows what is the best place for women and children to be quick smack scandinavian countries and canada. >> to make it appealing on some level, it's like, we won't hit you, and we will give your children a good education. >> will you freeze to death?
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>> i don't want to seem so un-american. we have superior sandwiches to scan an an an >> -- good news, australian lady. you are now allowed to walk. in an effort to reduce unconscious bias and stereotyping, the city of melbourne sold ten traffic lines with female icons in honor of international women's day. you see, when there were only male icons, some women didn't think they were allowed to cross the street. they would stand on the corner, waiting for a man to pick them up in his car, drive around, they would drop them off a half-hour later. >> 300 bucks richer. >> exactly. but that changed with the new feminist friendly signs. the woman in charge of the change could hold bbc, "the symbols are practical and meaningful in meaningful ways to demonstrate that, in fact, 50%
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of the population is female and should therefore also be represented at traffic lights." jill, are you glad that women now have a place at the traffic light quick smack >> listen. who is to say that wasn't a woman wearing pants. who is to say the other one isn't a superhero? we don't know. >> you are right! that was quite a bit women's! they were dressed in pants. >> you were assuming! >> anthony making gender assumptions based on the traffic lights. for shame, australia. for shame. how many women wear those kind of dresses? it looks like something out of mad men anyway. >> it something out of "little house of the prayer." laura ingalls is crossing with her -- it looks like it cost more money because those lights that you add on to be addressed is electric. they are wasting power, john devore! >> you wait your turn, buddy.
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>> tom: but wait, i want to hear what you think of this. >> don't make eye contact with him. >> tom: they are trying to -- tell me what you think of it, devore! >> i went away during this whole segment. who cares? who cares! the only people who care our men, right? because you are outraged. right? because you are gentle and fragile. right? >> tom: i'm interested in why -- >> why can't they be represented? also, maybe it's a passion thing. you know. look. i reject a gender binary. what if i wanted to wear a skirt? why can't i have a light telling me to walk? >> that's why it's stupid to have it. people might wear anything these days. leave it the way it is and we can all do it -- >> tom: what are blind women supposed to do? what do they cross? they announce in my neighborhood, they announced, kevin, when you push the button for men and women.
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they say "cross now come across now." >> is it a man's voice? >> so women... >> you should really screw someone with a bullhorn. "cross now." >> you could also push people into traffic. >> i thought that's was anthony's show on the weekend. >> brennan? most figures of humans, they are just stick figures. you don't need to make the men or women going to bathroom because you had to differentiate. >> even then, it gets confusing in the back room if you've had a couple of cocktails, you know what i mean? one has a beard, you know what i mean quick smack >> especially in new york, they are putting different things in there, trying to make her own personality and restaurants. pirate, it's like... blokes and games -- what is it? where do i go? >> go to the dumpster around the back. let's move on to the neck story. i have a bone to pick with president trump. he stealing all of my favorite
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guests. according to wait on a been defied white house >> -- just the latest "red eye" regular to be poached by the president to first it was k.t. mcfarland, vet -- then tony sayegh was named assistant secretary up to public affairs to the treasury. and then joe mackie, seen here, deputy secretary of homeland security. why do you think trump is taking all of our people, anthony? >> only the best. only the best for trump. >> have you done the show with k.t. mcfarland? >> i've been doing the show five years now. >> one of the more favorite policy experts. we were hoping john baltimore would be taken away from us. >> have you ever seen them on the exercise thing? >> tom: coming up. an app that helps women lose
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their male friends. my book is available for preorder. go to tomshillue.comto figure out how to get it.
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>> good morning. i am jackie ibanez in new york. the american health care act has been approved by two house committees. this is the republican replacement plan for obamacare. president trump meeting friday to rally support for the bill as its state remains uncertain in the house and senate. >> the house repeal and replace plant and the obamacare tax heights, cutting taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars. it eliminates the obamacare mandate that forces americans to buy government approved plans. we all know that one. it provides states with flexibility over how medicaid dollars are spent.
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>> the white house saying the president has invited palestinian president mahmoud abbas, but he's saying he's looking for to visit mr. trump to resume peace talks. nearly too much marines are arriving in the syrian-turkey boarding this week. they will say that they will support local forces and not be on the front lines. oil prices dropping to a three month low, barrel closer to $48, 9% since tuesday. prices continue to fall despite oil production cuts by opec leaders and recent missile test by iran and north korea. and japan looking for a devastating earthquake that struck the -- ceremonies in tokyo harmed by the natural disaster. the government has spent $220 billion on recovery and rebuilding efforts.
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182 billion has been spent to decommissioning the fukushima nuclear power plant. i'm jack ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log on to you are watching the most powerful name in all news, now back to "red eye" ." >> tom: ladies. it's my turn to speak. "one interrupted" is a new app that lets women know how many times men interrupt them. the ad agency that created the app came from donald trump's treatment of hillary clinton at the first debate. while back. i've got to read the stuff? 182 billion has been spent to -- count the number of times men cut you off. the app keeps a count of your conversation so you can have a running tally of how much people hate hearing your voice. fellows who want to use the app
12:24 am
are out of luck. the program will not track how many times women may interrupt men. the comedy behind the app say their ultimate goal is to generate awareness and more debate around -- i don't want to say this word. "manteruppting." >> first of all, you have to take a picture of yourself and analyzes how attractive you are but we will not interrupt you if you are pretty. i guarantee that will not happe happen. and, what does it do? roll its eyes at you like the real thing when you're interrup interrupt? and we aren't interrupting as men -- furthermore, we are probably getting back to the story were telling you interrupted us. because that happens all the time. and then when we interrupt you, it's probably important. you know, are these taken into consideration? >> i don't know. >> i doubt it. >> tom: joel, what do you
12:25 am
think of that? he makes very good points. >> even though i'm a woman who has been interrupted many times, on the web site they have this video where it's a lot time it is a male anchor interrupting a guest. and live tv is its own beast, they show james gordon interrupting -- he was hosting a live show. the show had to end. it was his job to cut her off. >> tom: coming in the ear, "interrupt her." >> i spent all afternoon watching the brick awards from 2012. it's really fun. i've done my research on this traffic to my topic. unless they track both of them and we can actually have data to say, okay, honey, you interrupted me six times, i interrupt you 15. now let's learn from this. then it's not going to do this to only track male voices interrupting female voices. >> tom: there it is. john devore? >> i want you to know that i am your most popular gas. facebook comments prove that. >> tom: you get a lot of
12:26 am
comments. >> i'm probably her most handsome guest? obviously the smartest. that's it. >> tom: okay. >> i have no idea what's going on now. >> tom: brennan, do you think men interrupt too much, or do you think that's -- i think it's a modern myth. >> will you let me talk or not? >> charges interrupted you. here is the thing. if you get one of these things, if you are a woman, don't you want to be interrupted? otherwise, why would you get it? it's like getting a fitbit and sitting on the couch. anyway... it's like my sister, the oldest sister. i'm 1 of 10. the oldest sister, she thought she was a second mom or whatever. we would be upstairs playing and she would be like, "boys, i'm making cookies. don't come down to the kitchen." basically saying, "come down and interrupt me!" this whole thing is that.
12:27 am
we want to be interrupted, make sure our thing works. >> tom: devore? >> yes, sir? >> tom: you are such a modern man. >> and i am polite and i let people finish their thought, and i'm not so insecure that i need to steamroll over people. that's just who i am. so sue me. >> tom: do you think it's a perception thing? >> doll. i don't want this to seem defamatory. but i think conservative man are rude pigs. because of some deep-seated mommy issue. that's just me. but that's my opinion. >> tom: let me go to anthony for this. >> i think it's a liberal who talk and talk about politics to women and they tell them what to think that i think conservative men? they are gentlemen. >> yes. the liberal guys figured what could say what they want. >> maybe it is! >> tom: they should also have an importance meter on the interruption.
12:28 am
if a wife or somebody is going, hey, honey, you should've seen with the kittens did today. one was -- and you go, there is a fire in the house! it will just come off as "man interrupt woman." in context, i think it's more important to say there is a fire in the house. >> tom: it is, you are right. >> though kittens are adorable. >> you would be more likely with etiquette and adorable. >> tom: coming up, halftime with tv's andy levy. the new episode of the "red eye" radio podcast is out, subscribed at
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>> tom: welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levy. >> tom, happy friday. >> tom: it is friday. >> big time. [laughter] it's not barely friday or anything. study shows hillary's campaign was awful. cumia, you talk about how hillary's ads was trying to bash trump. it seemed like a good strategy at the time, but i feel like it didn't work. >> are you kidding about the good strategy at the time? it was the worst strategy. she's showing -- we are seeing these passionate crowds in every city he goes to that are loving what he's saying no matter how deplorable people thought it was. and then she is trying to criticize that thinking, what, she's going to get some of them? it was the worst strategy ever. >> i thought showing him saying outrageous things was a better strategy than showing herself
12:33 am
saying anything. >> the thing is we saw his outrageous things, the media was playing them 24 hours a day. she wasn't saying anything we didn't hear or know. we just didn't care. >> right. devore, you said the reason that conservative web sites keep pumping out these things is that they cannot defend trump's -- you guys sounded, teen beat conservative web sites. >> on top of which, devore. this study should be read by you and your fellow democrats burned out by democrats so you don't make those mistakes again. >> the dumb mistakes? >> the mistakes that hillary made. >> we didn't have a plan against the monsters. >> we ran and ad saying this man is corrupt, and his friends were
12:34 am
going to take over, but none of y'all listen to because, i don't know. >> that's why we like him, devore. just keep thinking this has nothing to do with your party's candidate and you will make -- >> tell me about how this is how trump won. >> i didn't say why it was white trump won. >> that is the usual response. >> i'm not the usual person. >> most people said i'd vote for her again the same night of the election. they say twice three times... >> i get it. >> tom, you said trump few enough to take out those ads early on. >> yeah. >> i remember you saying during the election, "political ads don't work." >> i think the political ads had less to do with it. i think it was more about the -- i'm not going to say zeitgeist zeitgeist -- >> please don't say that. kevin, you said you didn't get a study to tell all this. but people who do studies have to make a living, don't they
12:35 am
quickly >> the study show that people do have to do studies to make a living. >> all right. >> are we playing word games? >> no, not at all. cumia, you said trump vote where in some cases people who wanted to throw a monkey wrench in the system. definitely true. i think that raises the situation, do any of these studies matter or was a selection just unique? >> it was such an anomaly in every way that, first of all, the polls didn't work. we saw that. all these buildings that they did pre-election they didn't work. no studies that had normally worked worked under the situation because it was so different and so odd. and you can't predict based on past performance what's going to happen if you don't have any track record. >> also, hillary was a historically uniquely unbelievably awful, just -- >> she was just not like. >> i mean, beyond -- probably in the history of every country in the world. probably the worst candidate
12:36 am
that has ever run for any public office at any level. locality, towns, cities, counties, states, countries, to the united nations -- sad! he makes me sad. you all make me sad. this is a building of sad. >> this whole building? >> everyone! >> switzerland is the best contribute tom, i'm not sure your antisocialist health care that those countries are small work when you throw in canada. >> i don't think it works, either! that's what canadians are always coming down getting their things -- >> i'm not arguing for socialized medicine but i'm just saying those countries are small is maybe not the best argument. >> i think canada is small, too. >> do you! >> is all ice. >> were you just guessing? they all live near the border and the rest of canada is -- don't judge it by how big it is and how bright and yellow it is.
12:37 am
i'm with devore now! you guys are clouds ! you guys are clowns! everybody lives in montreal, vancouver, and the other. it's really bright yellow. the hudson bay is really big. i bet a lot of people live near there. >> no, they don't! >> one eskimo or two. >> brennan, you said switzerland is beautiful because the van traps are no longer there. it's von trapp, but all the drunk people got the point. >> that went right by me. >> i could tell he was not paying attention. i know it's pronounced "von trapp," but i pronounced it wrong. >> this is very disorienting, you guys.
12:38 am
>> we can't see it on our tiny monitors, but i'm sure it's amazing. >> eh.... >> am i in there yet? >> no, not yet. >> get it off camera! get it out of here! i'm serious. get it out of here. stop splitting my screen with her. killing my time... wow. i was just kidding. australian city changes traffic signs the female. they could be scottish guys. >> scottish guys, superheroes... transgendered persons... >> transgender? where are they going to go to a bathroom when they cross the street? >> devore, you said the only people who care about this are men because they are outraged. that would be true. >> i agree. >> i am outraged. it's the speciesism. why do they figure humans?
12:39 am
>> i would support an outline of a centaur. >> as far as "red eye" getting pushed by trump, cumia, why haven't you gotten in a position in the administration? >> may be the fcc? >> absolutely. >> and my anything goes attitude. >> that's great. yeah. a new app that lets a woman know how many times a man interrupted them. joe, you said the video where from live tv where a man had an rep do you find in general that men tend to interrupt one more? vehicle i do. i'm waiting for you to cut me off. yeah. i was saying the sound of music and austria. i answered all these points already. i said tom was going to be the next one hired. >> do you want to say anything, anthony? >> i've said a bunch of things and no one heard it.
12:40 am
i've been on tonight. >> let jill talk! >> start hashtag in. >> tom, i like the way you manterrupted -- i hate that word, too, but you interrupted devore as far as being the popular guest. >> check facebook. >> i'm not sure "most commented about" equals "most popular." i'm done. >> tom: thank you, andy. coming up, we will be wasting away in margarita margaritaville.
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>> good morning. live from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie yvonne is in new york for the labor department reporting employers added 235,000 jobs in february with the unemployment rate dropping 2.5%. the jobs report was welcome news at the white house, despite the fact that it now seems the president is embracing numbers he denounced as "phony" back during the campaign. the trump administration looking forward to continue the job and economic growth. >> what we are doing here in the white house, and what we are going to do with our tax plan and what we are doing with how your brain, and what we are doing with corporations in getting them to do move jobs back to america will be easy to get the 3% growth in the third and fourth quarter this year.
12:45 am
>> u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is asking 46 u.s. attorneys to resign. they served under the obama administration. sessions says that i'm stepping down help "the uniform transition." half of them have already left their post. -- within two years. a former cia official claims that north korea is closer than people realize to developing a nuclear missile which could cross the ocean and strike the u.s. bruce klinger with a former division chief were korea believes that they could be ready in a few years. president trump has dismissed threats of an issue, where such marks are intended to make the world scary. rex tillerson prepares to head overseas to meet with asian leaders. and tesla founder elon musk is making a bet with the australian government. he says he can solve their blackout crisis within 100 days of signing a contract by building an energy storage farm. if he doesn't solve the problem,
12:46 am
the costs to the government is free. australian leaders say they are anxious to speak with elon musk about his proposal. i'm jackie ibanez for now back to "red eye." have a great morning. ♪ wasting away again in margaritaville ♪ ♪ searching for my last shaker of salt ♪ >> tom: seems like a real talk show, isn't it? >> i can't listen to any music on fox show after i've seen them do it on "the five." i'm not going to be that person. >> tom: now geriatric deadheads can shuffle -- singer jimmy buffett announced plans to open a string of margaritaville themed retirement home communities. the first in daytona beach, florida. the 7,203 bedroom furnished start below the 200,000's, the first set to open in 2018 2018. the web site for the project
12:47 am
features photos of retirees sipping on cocktails and walking hand-in-hand in the beach. and the sales pitch? "it's always been that happy place in your mind. the spirit of adventure in your soul when your mind wanders to a paradise, why not wander at home. we've heard your call. welcome to latitude margaritaville." i like this. >> sign me up. >> tom: what do you think, joke with my >> they call it active retirement >> that is a booming business, people who want to retire in style, but they aren't elderly. it's not eldercare. >> it's for cool retirees. >> brennan, what do you think? you are getting there. there is probably a comedy club on campus. [laughter] >> i liked it when you picked on devore. anyway, i like to make think it's a good idea because get these old people drink and get their car keys away so they cannot drive. you know what i mean? they are bad drivers, all
12:48 am
people. >> tom: you are right. >> they are all drunk and mulling around, you can check their prostates. do you know what i can mean? >> what, do you sneak in there? >> you know what i mean? nobody wants to go to the doctor. >> do you get your prostate checked? >> the same for them. i did it solo. >> tom: anthony, i don't think they have cars down there. or at least they shouldn't. golf carts? what do you think. >> he fit it perfectly, some palms coming off, some very festive -- i don't know. i've never seen a brochure that actually matches any of these places. i'm sure they are miserable, elderly people. they are trying to make it sound like it's younger, older retiree people, trying to fit this niche. i'm sure. either stop watching people in the face when you hear "margaritaville" in the elevators 20 hours a day. i don't know, though for what's next, the grateful dead funeral home?
12:49 am
ccr icu? >> tom: i bet you could score a hawaiian shirt and hang out with them -- >> this looks like an interactive viagra commercial. >> is the same thing. they make them look like they're retired, but the are really in their 40s. >> old people are like, if you want to hang around young, handsome people if you are old, you don't want to hang around ugly people. >> there is a lot of sexuality amongst senior citizens. they want to find a community where they can get drunk and phone. >> bone. to bone. i'm thinking about grandma and granddad, putting up a bowl of viagra pills for all of their elder powell's, and having a big, wrinkly orgy. these guys are, what, 8-10 years away from a retirement home themselves? >> 55 and up!
12:50 am
what are you talking about, 85 euros and 90-year-olds. they are talking about people who just retired who are still healthy. >> they still have a sexuality. >> tom: coming up! tas, the resident artist, we are going to check on that sketch. >> rich people. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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>> tom: they are going out as solar panels. that's what the obama administration wants people to go out. you have to explain to somebody that i'm a receding glacier. it's so hard to even -- nobody even knows what you are at that point. it's ridiculous at this point. it's gotten crazy. this year, worse than i think any other year. the college is pointing out these pamphlets and -- any time you address as anything are not, you could potentially offend somebody. >> that's the whole point of following! >> dressing up, you idiots. [laughter] >> tom: that was an animated short by tas, the resident artist. tas draws the show as it is broadcast every night.
12:55 am
tonight, we broadcast interview studio live, speed 25, let's see what you've got so far! >> okay. >> tom: you got the whole show. good. will post it later online, so if you want to get a good copy of that, check us out on our facebook page and our twitter feed. nice work, tas. oh, we have a zoom? i didn't know we had that. >> i have one with devore. >> devore looks way handsome >> that's not my chin. let's take a look at some of these sketches. anthony, you have been drawn in the past by tas. are these some of anthony sketches here? let's take a look at cumia. >> i'm always angry. >> like in real life. [laughter] >> old, that is johnny d. okay. let's go to jail. jill, let's see some jail. let's see some chill
12:56 am
>> look, everybody is jill dobson. >> that's right, i'm jill dobson. it's like spartacus. that's deafly michael malice in the middle that is definitely michael malice in the middle. >> we must not have devore. devore is always very prominent in the sketches. fantastic. looks absolutely miserable. >> so true. >> let's get everybody. do we have one with brennan and it? let's get one with all four. look at that! cumia, is that cumia there? [laughter] there is brennan with those eyes. >> why am i drooling? [laughter] >> i think it's crying and
12:57 am
weeping. [laughter] >> i am pushing fluid out of my face. >> thank you to my entire panel. let's think tas, the resident artist. good night, tas. >> good night, thank you.
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
miss an episode of "the five.." >> bret: halfway through president trump's first 100 days. this is "special report." [ music playing ] >> bret: good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier. 50 days into the trump presidency there are growing concerns about how the u.s. will deal with its friends and foes on the korean pin sue la following the removal of the southeast already impeached president from office. that move comes as tensions sore in the region over the northeast nuclear


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